Top Toys for Teens

Are you buying for teens this holiday? Finding the best toys for teens can be difficult and you may be tempted to go buy that same old gift card you bought in the past. Surprise everyone this year by finding the perfect gifts for those hard to buy for kids.

Teens are HARD to shop for! They go from wanting everything, to very little. At this age, teens are looking for something fun, useful, and a lot of times, electronic. This year there are a lot of great gifts and toys for teens. Including new gadgets like the Kindle Fire, which is both a great electronic device for both games & video’s, but a great eReader as well. No matter what it is, if it is popular, we will have it here. So please take a look at the best gifts for teens below…

Most Popular Gifts & Toys for Teens

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stomp rocket syma rc helicopter kre-o transformers nikon waterproof kindle fire
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NEW Kindle Fire, Touch and 3G

The NEW Kindle’s from Amazon are the perfect gift for any teen that loves to read, play games, watch movies, and more. Now the Kindle does everything.

kindle fire kindle touch 3g kindle touch kindle kindle keyboard

Video Game Systems

Video game systems are one of the best toys for teens for multiple reasons. For one, many of them are now used for much more then video games. Including watching movies, streaming Netflix, YouTube, and much much more. These great “toys” are the gifts that keep on giving, and never get old.

xbox kinect nintendo wii playstation 3 playstation move nintendo 3ds

Bestselling Apparel

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Music: Best Gifts

beats by dre paper jamz bose sounddock ipod touch rocksmith game

Best Gifts for EXTREME Teens

freerider skatecycle ripstick power strider flybar 800 indo board

Best Ride on Toys for Teens

razor pocket rocket positiv board electric mountain bike surf one longboard razor pocket mod
ripstik razor dirt rocket flybar razor electric scooter flyjumpers

Top 10 Board Games

tigris and euphrates dominion carcassonne twilight new moon would you rather
thinkfun rush hour quelf axis and allies puerto rico settlers of catan

Awesome Science Toys for Teens

star theater pro chem lab ant farm snap circuits celestron telescope
lego mindstorms 2 erector set robotic arm wind power lab eyeclops bionicam

Best Sports Gifts

spalding system surf one longboard soccer rebounder portable goal derek jeter trainer

How to Find the Best Toys for Teens

Asking other parents of teenagers is probably the easiest way to get gift ideas. But finding just the right toy will require some imagination and research on your part. Start your research with a conversation about what your teen’s friends are asking for. This doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy that particular gift. What this should do is give you some ideas that you didn’t consider before. For example, instead of a video game, a cool accessory to the game system would be unique. Once you have some ideas about popular gift choices, start an internet search.

Searching the internet for gift ideas is easy. Instead of visiting an online store and sorting through vast amounts of products, do a random search for toys for teenagers. The search results should give you articles with even more ideas. Now decide what kind of toy you want them to have. Is it important to you that it be educational? Do you want it to be just a fun gift without any real purpose? What about something physical that gets them out of the house and moving around? Or perhaps you want to give a gift that lets them express themselves creatively. Having a purpose for your purchase will help you focus on particular products and keep you from being overwhelmed with the plethora of possibilities.

Deciding what you want them to have and the purpose behind it will help narrow your choices. Once you have made that selection, researching the different brands and reading the reviews will assist you in finalizing your purchase. Once you have something in mind, run it by other parents and teenagers to validate your choice and get a second opinion. Buying for teens is difficult and getting help with your purchase will ensure that you are on the right track.

Why Shopping for Teens is Hard

There are multiple reasons why shopping for teens is hard. One reason is because of the maturity level within the teen age group. Many times children in this age group are on the cusp of a biological, emotional, and physical change. Getting something too immature is an insult to them, but getting them something that needs to be taken care of could be a waste of money if they are not old enough to take care of it. There is generally a discrepancy between how a teen and an adult view the child’s maturity level and their ability to be responsible.

Another reason is because their interest changes frequently as new products are introduced to consumers. Products that they see their peers with are usually what encourage them to add particular items to their wish list. Generally, electronic gadgets are ideal for this age group but can be costly and are not always a good fit with the purpose of your gift. Electronics are expensive, but there are also many varieties, models and brands. Most likely, your teen will be disgruntled if the electronic gift isn’t the particular model and brand they are requesting.

Finding the best toys for teens can be difficult at best. Teenagers are hard to buy for because their interests frequently changes. If you are buying for a teenager this year, spend a little time researching. Watching them unwrap a present instead of a gift card is always more fun.

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