Top Toys for Boys

Here is a list of the best toys for boys. From electronic toys, to nerf guns, to toys that are both educational and fun. There are a lot of hot items coming out this year, so keep a look out on our page as we are adding updates all the time.

Best Toys for Boys

leappad 2
LeapFrog LeapPad 2

Last years most popular kids tablet is back and better than ever.

nerf elite hail-fire
Nerf Elite Hail-Fire

Revolutionary new blaster from NERF holds over 144 darts.


The extremely popular Furby is Back!

Little Bits
Little Bits

One of our favorite educational toys of the year.

hexbu gwarriors
HEXBUG Warriors

Have EPIC battles with the new Warriors from Hexbug, with 4 different warriors, buildable habitats and interchangeable armor.

z-x crossbow
Z-X Crossbow

One of the coolest shooting toys ever!

suspend game
Melissa & Doug Suspend

Great fun for the whole family and one of our favorite games of the year.

Switch & Go Dinos
Switch & Go Dinos

Dinosaurs & Cars that transform. What took them so long?


VERY POPULAR classic toy that is sweeping the nation.

jake's musical pirate ship
Jake’s Musical Pirate Ship

Bestselling playset from Jake and The Never Land Pirates.


One of the coolest bike accessories ever made!

nintendo wii u
Nintendo Wii U

Revolutionary new video game system from Nintendo.


Destined to be compared to the likes of bocce ball, croquet, frisbee and badminton.

razor flashrider 360
Razor FlashRider 360

Three wheel outdoor fun witha unique twist.

tegu mobility
Tegu Mobility

Magnetic wooden cars with interchangeable parts.


Micro-sized building fun.

tumblin chuck
Tonka Tumblin Chuck

Who knew Chuck could do summersaults?

hog wild popper
Hog Wild Poppers

Once you “pop” you really won’t be able to stop.

flip force cars
Flip Force Cars

Just flip to transform.

kindle fire hd
Kindle Fire HD

Our favorite tablet for families with kids of all ages.

imaginext eagle talon castle
Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle

Interactive medieval playset for boys & girls of all ages.

vapor delta 500
Vapor Delta 500

Affordable gel ammo blaster for safe outdoor play with no clean up!

skylander's giants
Skylander’s Giants

Skylander’s is back and BIGGER than ever!

rockboard radiate
Rockboard Radiate

Light up skateboard that comes alive at night.

What’s NEW?

huffy green machine
Huffy Green Machine

The most fun you will have on three wheels.

spy net ultra vision
Spy Net Ultra Vision

With 5 different modes, including night vision, thermal, record mode & more.

wwe brawlin buddies
WWE Brawlin’ Buddies

A must-have for any wrestling fan.

lego lord of the rings
LEGO Lord of the Rings

It doesn’t get any better than Lord of the Rings and LEGO.


Educational robot from Vtech that does more than talk.

master moves mickey
Master Moves Mickey

Finally, a Mickey that can breakdance!

uncle milton shoe lights
Uncle Milton Shoe Lights

Flashlights you attach to your shoes for nighttime exploring.


Outdoor game that is simple and a ton of fun.

earth in my room
Earth In My Room

Watch Earth’s city lights illuminate as it changes from day to night.

power rangers megazord
Power Rangers Megazord

Combine 5 Zords to create the ultimate Samurai Megazord.

rc terrain twister
RC Terrain Twister

RC vehicle that works on grass, dirt, water and snow.

big boots dino adventure
Matchbox Big Boots

Very popular playsets for boys. 5 different sets to choose from.

bop-it smash

Every year they get better and better.

hot wheels ballistiks
Hot Wheels Ballistiks

Are these new transformable cars from Hot Wheels all that they’re cracked up to be?

rc spider-man
RC Spider-Man

It may climb up walls, but it is far from perfect.

illumivor mecha-shark
Illumivor Mecha-Shark

it may look cool, but is this light-up rc toy as fun as it looks?

stuntacular city playset
Stuntacular City Playset

The best playset for your super-hero obsessed child.

air hogs battle tracker
Air Hogs Battle Tracker

Innovative RC Helicopter and Turret set with multiple ways to play.

boogie board
Boogie Board

Simple and genius writing & doodling tablet.

teenage mutant ninja turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back!

rescue heroes fire truck
Rescue Heroes Fire Truck

Interactive, fun features make this fire truck a must buy.

lazer tag
Lazer Tag

Battle with friends and by yourself.

firevision sports football
Firevision Sports Football

Play football in the dark with the innovative Firevision Sports Football.

parrot ar drone 2.0
Parrot AR. Drone 2.0

Hi-tech radio controlled quadricopter that is controlled by your smart device.

scan 2 go race track
Scan 2 Go Race Track

Car racing and card game combined.

transformers destruction site
Transformers Destruction Site

Popular Transformers building set from KRE-O.

knex atomic coaster
K’NEX Atomic Coaster

Have you ever dreamed of designing a roller coaster?

hot wheels tcr
Hot Wheels TCR

Stunt Track racing with Hot Wheels Totoal Control Racing.

klutz gotcha gadgets
Klutz Gotcha Gadgets

A book chock full of games, pranks and jokes.

big adventures rail and road
Big Adventures Rail & Road

Very popular contsruction and train set.

leapfrog leapster gs
LeapFrog LeapsterGS

Highly recommended handheld educational learning system.

zingo sight words
Zingo Sight Words

Teaches words and numbers.

All-Time Favorites

spot it
Spot It!

Fast paced fun for families.

rorys story cubes
Rory’s Story Cubes

Our favorite game for imaginative play.


Award winning ride-on toy.

spectacular magic show
Spectacular Magic Show

The best magic set for kids.

nintendo 3ds
Nintendo 3DS

Bestselling handheld gaming system.

wobble deck
Wobble Deck

Exercise their body and mind.

ultra stomp rocket
Ultra Stomp Rocket

Active science toy that will never get old.


Most unique snow sled you will ever see.

mind blowing science
Mind Blowing Science

Great starting science kit for kids.

green toys truck
Green Toys Truck

Our favorite eco-friendly toy vehicle set.

vtech kidizoom
Vtech Kidizoom

Durable digital camera built just for children.

live butterfly garden
Live Butterfly Garden

Learn with nature all year round.

syma helicopter
Syma RC Helicopter

Best RC Helicopter. Affordable & fun.

hot wheels wall tracks
Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

Wall mounted race tracks.

earth puzzleball
Earth Puzzleball

3D puzzle from Ravensburger.

power wheels dune racer
Power Wheels Dune Racer

One of the most powerful Power Wheels yet.

Video Games

Best Nintendo Wii Games for Kids of 2012
xbox 360
Best XBOX 360 Games for Kids of 2012

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How to Find the Best Boys Toys

Boys like rough and tumble play, outdoor play, and usually anything loud. Boys toys tend to go right along with these areas. So when it’s time to shop for a birthday or holiday gift for a little boy, you have lots of choices. It is always a good idea to keep both the parents and the child’s home in mind when shopping for the best boys toys, because something that looks fun may not work for every situation. For instance, a large trampoline is a great toy, one of the top toys for boys, but it simply will not work if the child in question lives in an apartment. A smaller, indoor version would be a better choice if the family home has room enough to allow for it. Again, it’s a good idea to check with the parents first.

Sports toys are very popular too. Footballs, basketballs, baseball equipment, soccer balls, and just about anything else sports related will probably be a hit with a boy. Some of the top boys toys are toys that encourage physical activity. There are softer versions of popular sports balls and items available for younger boys who might not know how to properly use the official version. A baseball and a catcher’s mitt is a good set of boys toys to buy for a boy, and it can encourage the child and parent to spend time together ‘having a catch’.

Another popular group of boys toys is electronics. Video games are ever popular with boys, and there are many different ones available to choose from. First check with the child or parents to see which video game system he has so that you can buy a game for that system. If the child doesn’t yet have a video game system, then there are a few affordable, portable game systems available. Video games are some of the best boys toys, and once they have a system, boys tend to spend lots of time playing them. After the boy has a game system, then gifts are easier to find for gifting occasions in the future. Simply buy the child another game for the game system, and he will be happy. There are also computer games and other electronic toys available that are some of the top toys for boys. They have a lot of fun with those.

Bikes, scooters and other ride on toys are another option that is always popular with boys. Pogo sticks are a toy that was popular for a while a few decades ago, went out of fashion, and are now making a strong comeback. The new Flybars are some of the best toys for boys. There are also bouncing balls that serve the same function as a pogo stick but in a different form. Building blocks are also a popular kind of boys toys. There are several different types available, and they are available in different sizes for boys of different ages. There are interlocking blocks that can be used to build large structures and even vehicles. There are also sets of the traditional wood building block that boys love to play with.

Another option involves cars or vehicles. Cars, trucks, tractors, fire engines, airplanes, anything that goes is fair game. Boys love to engage in pretend play with vehicle toys (most of the time simulating loud, rolling collisions). There are track sets that are available to go with some cars, and monster truck type vehicles are becoming more and more popular. Car toys are some of the top boys toys and it has been that way for many years. If you’re unsure what to get for a boy in your extended family, car toys are usually a pretty safe bet.

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