Top Toys for Babies

If you think baby toys are just for fun, then it’s time to think again. Many of the most beloved toys are actually very useful learning tools. Babies can improve their physical, mental, emotional and social well being through the use of the right toys. Read on to learn the secret lessons your children can learn, all in a good day’s fun.

Here is a list of the top toys for babies. From educational learning toys for early development, to gyms and jumpers. Find the best for your little ones and keep them safe and help them grow with these award winning baby toys. So if you are ready, take a look below…

Most Popular Toys for Babies

zoo activity center ann b dextrous push around buggy sleep sheep learn and groove table
laugh and learn farm rock a stack mozart magic cube tiny love gymini

Fisher-Price Bestsellers

Fisher-Price has been making some of the best toys for babies since the 1930s. Many of the toys they started out with are still top sellers, though they also cater to more modern, innovative toys. They also partner with other companies to make toys based on popular preschool characters, which are always a hit with kids. No other company has won as many awards as Fisher-Price has, and a recent study showed that their name is recognizable to 100% of parents in the United States.

In recent years, Fisher-Price has worked to make toys that are not only fun for kids, but that take advantage of recent studies that show how toys can improve a variety of skills for kids. They sell toys for newborns, all the way up through late childhood. This is a brand that provides quality toys, and does so the right way – as their many years of service prove.

precious jumperoo deluxe gym musical cow musical jungle soothe and glow seahorse
baby swing baby's first blocks hedgehog stack n suprise laugh and learn farm

Lamaze Bestsellers: Award-Winning Infant Development Toys

Working together with parents, babies, and childhood development experts, Lamaze offers distinctive and innovative toys that keep kids excited and looking for more. They know that parents want their kids to be healthy, happy, and safe, and Lamaze provides the products that do just that. Their line has something for every stage of development, including playing, feeding and sleeping. These are exceptionally researched toys that are made to provide real solutions to the day to day issues parents deal with.

Once again, this is a prize-winning company who’s impressed both consumers and review boards alike. Their products are well known by their bright colors and mix of textures. The toys they create are more than just cute creations; they are multifaceted learning tools. A focus is put on engaging every sense of a child, which is why their many of their toys crinkle and clack when they’re touched.

trotter the pony sandy kangaroo mortimer the moose logan the lion jacques the peacock
freddie the firefly eddie the elephant stretch the giraffe puppytunes tina the tiger

Top 5 Play Gyms

One of the biggest advantages of these types of toys and gyms is that babies get immediate feedback. As they play with the various toys and noise makers on these gyms, they see immediate results, which encourages them to continue to explore. This can help to foster inquisitiveness and can make babies more comfortable with their surroundings.

These toys typically have plenty of mat space, which is important for their vital tummy time. Depending on the type of activity center or gym, babies are able to use mirrors, colored balls, mobiles and other toys to improve their hand and eye coordination. Most of these types of mats are machine washable and are easy to fold up, which makes them ideal toys for traveling. Many parents have trouble continuing to keep their children engaged when they’re not at home, but the portability of these toys helps to prevent that, and to ensure that there is a level of stability and consistency in the baby’s life.

rainforest gym neptune ocean baby einstein gym tiny love gymini

Best Teethers and Rattles

Top 5 Teethers

sophie the giraffe chill it teether sassy 602 chan pie gnon razberry teether

The teething process is difficult for babies, and it’s difficult for parents to watch. As the teeth begin to come in around 3 months of age, babies can experience pain to varying degrees. The first sign is usually a fussy baby who simply can’t be consoled. While there are topical gels you can use, the best baby toys for teething can really help. By biting down and chewing on a toy, babies can alleviate much of the pain they’re experiencing.

It is sometimes tempting for parents to grab the closest toy at hand and let their child chew it. However, remember that there are some paints and materials that should not be put into a babies mouth for a long period of time. For example, wooden blocks may be safe for general use, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t chemicals or paints that can be damaging if the toy is chewed on for a long period of time. The proper teething toys will be specifically made to be safe to be used for prolonged times, and will be designed to fit in their hands and bring optimal relief.

Top 5 Rattles

leapfrog crab rattle sassy rattle set kringelring oball rattle haba salto

These may be simple toys, but they’re actually quite integral in the development of your child. One of the main benefits of using rattles in younger children is that they can be played with in any position. Many toys require a child to either lay on their stomach or back, but a rattle can be clutched and played with no matter how or where a child is lying. Rattles are also one of the few toys that can be given to a child of any age.

Rattles also teach children to reach for things they see and hear. Believe it or not, babies are not born with this reflex. As their brains begin to develop, they learn to be curious and begin to take more interest in their surroundings. Rattles not only encourage them to investigate sights and sounds, but they encourage midline fine motor skills and transfer skills. Some form of these have been used for literally centuries and are some of the best toys for babies.

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