Ride-on Toys

Ride on toys are very popular active toys for children of all ages. There are so many different types and models to choose from, that parents can have a big job ahead of them when they shop for one. The first thing parents should remember when shopping for a ride on toy is that the manufacturers designate certain toys for certain age ranges for a reason. Buying your child a toy that is outside her age range is a potentially dangerous thing to do. Even if it is only a year’s difference, it could still make all the difference as to whether your child can safely ride the toy or not.

Improving balance, helping coordination, and always a load of fun, ride on toys are an incredibly popular group of products. Usually the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term ‘ride on’ is toddler car type toys. Well, it’s time to start thinking past toddler cars, ride on toys have branched out and become sophisticated enough that there is one for most any age, be it 2, 12, or 22.

Best Ride-on Toys of All-Time

razor e100
Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Our favorite electric scooter of all-time.

wheely bug
Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug

Very popular ride-on toy for younger children.

kettler cat digger
Kettler CAT Digger

Digger ride-on toy for kids 3 & up.

step2 motorcycle
Step2 Motorcycle

Affordable & simple ride-on motorcycle.


Extremely popular skateboard and snowboard hybrid.

kid-o bilibo
Kid-O Bilibo

How many ways can your child play with a Bilibo?

ezy roller
Ezy ROller

No chains and no pedals!


Two scooters in one!

dino pillow racer
Dino Pillow Racer

Plush & ride-on toy combined.

spray and rescue fire truck
Spray & Rescue Fire Truck

Ride-on fire truck with a working pressurized water tank.

Melissa & Doug Trunki

Award winning ride-on toy & storage combo from Melissa & Doug.

razor riprider 360
Razor RipRider 360

VERY POPULAR three wheeler from Razor.

radio flyer pathfinder
Radio Flyer Pathfinder

Our favorite wagon of all-time.

sit to stand walker
Sit-to-Stand Walker

Educational learning walker from Vtech.

cozy coupe
Cozy Coupe

Iconic riding toy from Little Tikes.

flyer 500
Flyer 500

Racing track and ride-on car.

huffy green machine
Huffy Green Machine

The most fun you will have on three wheels.

mini kick
Mini Kick Scooter

Best scooter for toddlers & preschoolers.

up and down coaster
Up & Down Coaster

They will want to go again, and again, and again…

plan toys palomino
Plan Toys Palomino

The best wooden rocking horse. Quality construction and eco-friendly design.

razor mx350 dirt rocket
Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket

Best electric dirt bike for kids.

big dig working crane
Big Dig Working Crane

Dig, and dig, and dig…

thomas the tank engine
Thomas the Tank Engine

Sure to be a hit with any Thomas & Friends fan.

razor pocket mod scooter
Razor Pocket Mod Scooter

Popular electric euro scooter from Razor.

power wheels dune racer
Power Wheels Dune Racer

One of the our favorite Power Wheels of all-time.

john deere tractor and trailer
John Deere Tractor & Trailer

Popular electric ride-on toy from Peg Perego.

big flyer
Big Flyer

Trike that will grow with your child.

radio flyer classic
Radio Flyer Classic

he one and only classic dual deck tricycle.

kazam balance bike
Kazam Balance Bike

Award-winning balance bike from Kazam.

Skuut Bike

Popular wooden balance bike.

rody horse
Rody Horse

Inflatable hoppy horse.

flying turtle
Original Flying Turtle

Fun & unique seated scooter.

Ride-on Toy Reviews

Razor FlashRider 360: Sparks will be flying.

flashrider 360

When sparks fly you know you’ve really hit it off with someone, or in this case, something. The impressive FlashRider 360 is bound to steal your heart from the first time you use it. With its neat look and awesome features you can cruise along, drift, and best of all, throw up sparks as you enjoy the ride.

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Rockboard Radiate Skateboard: Let your inner skateboarder shine.

rockboard radiate

The Rockboard Radiate Skateboard is adding a new twist to skateboarding. With colorful LED lights running around its base, anything you do will be enhanced by a colorful light show. If you’re just cruising down the street or doing tough tricks at the park, your every move will shine.

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NEW Riding Toys

Diggin Active Rock N Rolla: Tots can’t resist.

diggin rock n rolla doggy

Diggin Active Rock N Rollas are a line of rubbery but tough ride on toys for toddlers. They take the form of various adorable animals, such as a dog or a cow, and are broad and easy to balance on. Their wheels turn 360 degrees-which means youngsters won’t just tip over when they try to move sideways. Another great thing about them? You can deflate and re-inflate it for easy storage or trips.

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Yardboard: No need for mountains.


The Yardboard is a fabulous toy that allows you to enjoy boarding no matter where you live. You don’t need snowy mountains or an ocean to enjoy the Yardboard, like its name implies, all you need is a yard. While it can move over snow, its main purpose is to be able to go over dry land. Yep, now you can board down a grassy hill whenever you want and do what you love to do year round.

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PlasmaBike Balance Bike: No training wheels needed


Balance Bikes have kind of been taking the world by storm, but one that has jumped out in particular is the PlasmaBike. Its bold color and unusual appearance (incredibly thick wheels) lend a hand in its popularity. Like any Balance Bike, it lacks pedals so little ones can learn how to find their balance on their own, making the transition to a ‘big kid’ bike easier. That’s about where the resemblance ends-the PlasmaBike is one unique ride.

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Types of Ride on Toys

There are several different types of ride on toys, the difference between the types being the way they are propelled. Some run on their own battery power, while some rely on the abundance of natural energy that kids tend to have. Though it’s not written in stone, the electric toys are generally designed for older kids, and the leg-powered ride on toys are for the toddlers- but as with anything else, there are exceptions.

Electric ride on toys move by way of a small motor and a battery. The child can hop on, pull a lever or push a pedal, and away the toy goes. These toys generally have brakes so the child can stop when needed. It is a very good idea to buy an extra battery when you buy an electric ride on toy, because the one that comes with the toy will not last forever- sometimes only a few weeks if the toy is recharged often. The batteries are rechargeable, but many of them will only withstand being recharged a few dozen times before they wear out. A battery charger is included with the vast majority of these toys. It is a good idea to look at the battery setup before you buy. Some of these toys require a parent with a screwdriver to expose the battery for each recharging session. Others have a handy charging port with a flip- off cover. One added note: some battery powered ride on toys have a sealed battery compartment, but many do not. Therefore, it is a very bad idea to leave the toy outside in the rain or snow or in a very leaky garage for an extended period of time. If the battery gets wet and stays wet for a while, the moisture can cause corrosion at the connection posts and on the battery cables. If this happens, the toy will not function until the battery is thoroughly cleaned (or maybe even replaced, depending on the extent of the damage).

Pedal ride on toys are propelled by gears as the child pushes pedals. Some of these toys brake by a simple backwards push on the pedals, while others brake with the pull of a hand-grip lever. Bicycles and tricycles are classic examples, but there are many new ones available that look nothing like your average tricycle. They are great exercise for children of all ages. Bikes and tricycles are different configurations in ride on toys, and some have plastic wheels while some have the more traditional rubber tires with inner tubes that must be filled with air from a pump. Some move by a chain and gear setup, while others have pedals attached directly to the front wheel.

Push ride on toys are the simplest, propelled by the child pushing the toy forward with his feet. These toys are most appropriate for very little children and toddlers, and are usually sized for this age group. They are usually made of plastic, although there are a few metal ones on the market. These are great exercise for older babies and toddlers, and they help young ones learn gross motor skills. Some of these toys are even shaped like tractors and large construction equipment and can have hand- operated parts like buckets and mechanical arms.

Scooters are another type of push ride on toy. The child stands on the toy which is like a skate board with a waist-height handle, and then pushes the toy forward with one foot in a repetitive motion. There are several different types of scooters, some made of metal and some made of plastic. There is even a special line of scooters designed for the smallest riders. A few scooters are motorized, and work in basically the same way as an electric ride on toy.

Wagons are a type of ride on toy that requires no action from the rider. They have a long handle that a parent or older child can pull, and the tiny passenger just sits back and enjoys the ride. Some wagons are available with an attachment that allows the wagon to be attached to the back of a parent’s bicycle. Wagons were some of the first wheeled toys available for children to ride on. These types of toys are wonderful exercise for the parents, but not so much for the kids.


Peg Perego

Peg Perego ride on toys are well-known all over the world for durability and realism. All their electric ride on toys are made to look like the smaller versions of real automobiles. For instance, there is a Vespa GT and a Ducati Monster (both with training wheels, of course), John Deere Tractors, two different models of Polaris Sportsman, and even a Santa Fe train. Peg Perego’s electric ride on toys are separated into three categories: the ones with 6-volt batteries, the ones with 12-volt batteries, and the ones with 24-volt batteries. This division is an important detail to take into account, because the ride on toys that require larger batteries are capable of moving faster, climbing steeper inclines, and generally doing things that only older children should be allowed to do on a ride on toy. Each ride on toy is designed for a different age range, so it’s a good idea to check out their official website to find out which one is appropriate for your child. They also have a few pedal ride on toys available- all John Deere tractors.

Little Tikes

Little Tikes offers dozens of different pedal and push ride on toys. They are made of very thick, durable plastic and are rugged enough to withstand years of use and exposure to the elements. There are car and truck push toys that have an opening in the bottom so that kids can stick their feet out through the bottom and move the vehicle Flintstones style. There are also several tricycle-type push toys. Little Tikes makes a selection of wagons and even a big plastic teeter totter. The pedal toys are mostly plastic tricycles. A parent favorite among Little Tikes ride on toys is the Cozy Cruiser. It is a large stroller that can hold two small children securely in seat belts, and it also hooks conveniently to the back of a parent’s bicycle- perfect for an environmentally conscious family who would like to run errands around town without using the car.

Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer is one of the most experienced manufacturers of ride on toys in the world. They have been in business since 1917. Many parents can remember having a red, metal Radio Flyer wagon when they were kids- some actually still have their old wagons! Radio Flyer is still building tough, durable wagons out of quality materials, but they have branched out into nearly every other type of ride on toy as well. They make wagons in several different styles and colors, such as the old-school classic red wagon and the totally modern Ultimate Family Wagon made of durable plastic and topped with a stylish canopy to shield little ones from the sun. In tricycles, they offer a low-riding Scootabout and several different extremely handy Fold-N-Go tricycles that you can quickly fold up and then tuck into the trunk of your car and take with you wherever you go- in addition to the more traditional Classic Red Tricycle. Radio Flyer also makes several different types of push ride on toys like the The Inchworm and My First Scooter (this one folds up for easy storage). Radio Flyer is one of the most experienced companies to make ride on toys, and parents know and trust their name.

Fisher Price

Fisher Price is quite possibly the most trusted name in toys today. They have been making quality toys since 1930. When you buy a product from a well established company you are certain to receive excellent customer support should you have a problem.

Power Wheels are made by Fisher Price, but the Fisher Price brand has several pedal ride on toys and push ride on toys. The Power Wheels brands are all electrically powered vehicles, ranging in age limits from one year to six + years old. Some of the ride on toys that are meant for one to two year olds include the Lil’ Quad series, which comes in most of your child’s favorite animated characters, and the Little People series. The two year old to six + year old product line consists of cars, trucks, jeeps, all terrain vehicles, SUVs, and quads. The newest addition to the Power Wheels line is the Monster Traction drive system, and these ride on toys are able to drive over or through things that stop other ride on toys in their tracks. The list of ride on toys from Fisher Price that are not Power Wheels brand is fairly short. They are rated for kids ages one year old to six years old and most are durable plastic tricycles. There are a few Rock, Roll, and Ride toys which are a plastic tricycle with a rocker attachment for indoor use, several Little People brand push toys, such as a school bus and a fire truck, and a ten inch bicycle.

With so many different styles and brands to choose from, it is no small task for a parent to choose the right ride on toy for their children. In most stores that sell ride on toys, you can ask the store employees who work in that department to help you pick out the one that is right for your child. When shopping online, websites that sell ride on toys typically have a customer service department so you can call or email and get information from someone who knows the products and can help you make a good choice.

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