If you have children, or even if you were a child, you know a bit about LEGO toys. This well-known brand has been a staple throughout the industry for years. Who would ever have thought that a company who sold little bricks which could be linked together would become so popular? Fortunately someone did, and they created amazing products that allowed children to use their imagination and to actually be able to create something solid. These little items have become beloved around the world and are a staple in almost every household with children.

Top 10 LEGO Sets of 2010

lego mindstorms nxt lego city camper ultimate building set advent calendar 2009 lego city fire station
star wars echo base lego creator home spongebob adventures police headquarters battle of endor

LEGO Video Games

lego rock band lego batman harry potter lego star wars indiana jones 2

Top 10 DUPLO Sets

duplo fire station fire truck school bus garbage truck duplo building set
deluxe train set basic bricks postman percy at the sheds thomas starter set

LEGO Star Wars Bestsellers

attack cruiser death star clone walker star wars echo base battle of endor
alliance tank droid walking at-at seperatist shuttle y-wing starfighter tie fighter

Power Miners Bestsellers

rock wrecker crystal sweeper claw digger command rig thunder driller

Space Police Bestsellers

hyperspeed pursuit squidmans escape freeze ray frenzy container heist galactic enforcer

Top 10 LEGO City Sets

lego city camper off road vehicle coast guard patrol city garage lego city fire station
police headquarters construction site coast guard heli helicopter transporter city corner

Top 5 LEGO Creator Sets

propeller power town plan race rider beach house family home

Castle Bestsellers

drawbridge defense mountain fortress tower raid battle chariot market village

Why We Love LEGO

Children love building things – it’s a simple fact. Some believe that children enjoy building simply because it allows them to succeed at something, and then, of course, they enjoy knocking things down as well. But children who build with classic blocks only have their designs for a short amount of time, and are only able to go so high with them and to be only so intricate, as blocks are fragile and can fall down fairly easily.

Enter LEGO toys. These are such a hit because they allow children to be able to create masterpieces even if they don’t have a delicate touch or aren’t able to stack blocks easily. What is LEGO? They are a collection of multi-colored bricks. The bricks have little round circles on top of each one of them. These circles can fill in the holes on the bottom of the bricks, allowing them to snap together to create masterpieces.

Today’s LEGO brand is known not only for creating the classic brick toys, but for taking their product one step further and into the multimedia world. It’s not possible to find video games that feature characters from the company. These many adventures, which follow such well-known stories as Star Wars and Indiana Jones, are ones that both children and adults can enjoy.

We love the fact that the company has embraced the digital age while, at the same time, holding true to the original concept of the toy by still making kits and sets that children can purchase and can build.

Brand History

LEGO toys got their start thanks to creator Ole Kirk Christiansen. He was a carpenter who lived in Billund, Denmark, and who began creating wooden building play things in 1932. Eight years later he was able to take those wooden items and to create plastic interlocking bricks, which they called, at the time, Automatic Binding Bricks. These brick were immediately loved by children and became fairly popular right after they were introduced.

Throughout the years, the company has managed to help their bricks to become even better, by changing the base material and by making many different shapes as well as a variety of themed sets. Now there’s not much that a skilled LEGO enthusiast can’t do with the bricks, from building a skyscraper to recreating your favorite characters. Their motto, “only the best is good enough”, is one that the company has held onto since its inception and is what has kept them on top for so long.

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