Fisher-Price toys have been around for many years. Kids have been playing with these toys in homes, in schools, and in daycare centers for generations. There are several different product lines and toys designed for several age groups. The company specializes in tough, rugged toys for toddlers that are built for durability, but also for safety.

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What is Fisher-Price?

Fisher –Price toys for newborn to six-month-old children are designed to let baby experience new colors, shapes, and sounds during back and tummy time. There is a mirror wedge designed for tummy time, and several frame toys with dangling objects that are designed to be placed appropriately for back or tummy time.

Toys for six-month-old to 11-month-old children are designed to encourage baby to crawl, pull up, and stand. These toys feature lots of little levers to pull, knobs to turn, and dangling objects to grab. These toys are designed to work with a little one’s natural curiosity and also to encourage movements that refine fine and gross motor skills.

Fisher-Price toys for kids 12 months old to 23 months old are more active, and designed for a little one who never stops moving. Items like rocking horses, push ride on toys, and an innovating Bounce N’ Spin Pony are made for movement and ensure that your toddler gets plenty of exercise with having lots of fun.

For two-year-old children, there is a Fisher-Price toy in boy and girl versions called a Lil Quad that is a larger counterpart to the under two ride on toys. The Grow With Me Kitchen is also very entertaining for two-year-olds, and introduces them to pretend play.

For three-year-old children, one of the best Fisher-Price toys is the Smart Cycle Physical Learning Arcade System, which lets kids get their bodies involved in video game fun. The game controller is actually a tot- sized stationary bike, and the games let the child ride through the video adventure. Designed for kids three to six years of age, it has different difficulty levels for beginners and for kids who have been playing a while. The games teach important skills like letter and number identification, creativity, problem-solving skills, and even math, just to name a few. The Smart Cycle is just one of the toys for this age group. There is also a Kid Tough Digital Camera, so your little one can take his or her own pictures of anything he or she wants.

The choices keep growing as the kids get older, and there is a Fisher-Price toy for any child up to age ten available in the Fisher-Price line. Spike the Ultra Dinosaur is a remote control dino that stands over two feet tall. He can growl, snort, and roar. He can blink and even walk. This interactive toy can be his first robot toy and he’ll love to play for hours with his new reptilian friend. This toy is designed for ages three to ten and requires 3 AA batteries for the remote control. The dinosaur comes with a rechargeable 9.6 volt battery and a charger.

What is Fisher-Price Known For?

Fisher-Price is known for producing large selections of very safe, affordable toys for young children. People trust the name Fisher-Price, and the company takes that very seriously. They produce only the best toys for infants and toddlers, and parents know that when they buy a Fisher- Price toy, they are getting their money’s worth on a product that is going to last for as long as their children want to play with it.

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