Board Games

Board games are classic toys. They have been around in one form or another for centuries, some dating as far back as ancient Egypt. In fact, the classic board games we all know, such as chess and checkers, are based on those ancient games. New games are being introduced all the time. Most department stores have entire aisles devoted to games, and that can complicate the decision making process when you are trying to choose a game for your children or for your whole family to play. In general, board games are divided by two main criteria- the age group for which the game is appropriate, and the type of game, i.e., card games, strategy games, quiz games, race games, roll and move games, war games, and educational games in addition to some games for younger children that are meant for sheer fun purposes.

Best Games of 2012


Very popular new family game from Melissa & Doug.

thinkfun roll and play
ThinkFun Roll & Play

Educational game created just for toddlers.

bbq blitz
BBQ Blitz

What took them so long?


Super simple and extremely addicting.

nowhere to go
Nowhere to Go

Very popular 2 player strategy game from Educational Insights.

morphology jr
Morphology Junior

Pick, create, animate and guess.

yackety smack
Yackety Smack

The super whacky create your own sound effects game.


What the heck is a Dweebie anyway?

NEW Games

twister dance
Twister Dance

Just dance.


From the creator of Tickle Me Elmo.


A colorful party game.

life zapped
LIFE Zapped

New version of a classic.

color stix
Color Stic

A race against the timer.

uno roboto
UNO Roboto

Play UNO like you never have before.

electronic labyrinth
Electronic Labyrinth

Enchating game with new twists and turns.

iq twist
IQ Twist

Unique new brain teaser.

Favorite Board Games of All-Time

ticket to ride
Ticket to Ride

Be the next Vanderbilt.

perplexus maze game
Perplexus Maze Game

Three dimensional brain teaser.

angry birds games
Angry Birds Games

Perfect for any Angry Birds fan.


Mix, match, score and win.

sleeping queens
Sleeping Queens

Addictive card game.

spot it
Spot It!

Fast paced, challenging family game.

rorys story cubes
Rory’s Story Cubes

Our favorite game for imaginative play.

cards against humanity
Cards Against Humanity

Extremely popular game for teens & adults.

scrambled states of america
Scrambled States of America

The best game to teach geopraphy.

thinkfun math dice
ThinkFun Math Dice

A great way to teach math.


THE classic family party game.

7 wonders
7 Wonders

Best strategy board game.

Featured Game Guides

puzzles and brain teasers
Puzzles & Brain Teasers

Can you figure out the solutions?

Games that Require Imagination

Stretch your mind.

family board games
Family Board Games

Fun for the whole family.

strategy board games
Strategy Board Games

Plan and conquer.

games for kids under 6
Best Games for Kids under 6

The very best board games for kids under 6 years old.

lawn games
Lawn Games

Best games for fun in the sun/

new versions of classics
New Versions of Classics

Play classic games like you never have before.

math games
Math Games


lego board games
LEGO Board Games

Building toy and board game combined!

classic board games
15 Best Classic Games for Kids

It’s all about the classics.

How to Pick the Right Board Game

Games for little kids – Lucky Ducks and Hungry Hungry Hippos are some good examples of a game aimed at younger children. These games help with hand eye coordination as well as teaching small children that you have to play by the rules.

Helpful list of the best board games for kids by category and age.

Card games – There are card games for every age group. Go Fish is a popular game for the little kids. Crazy Eights is another popular one. Games like War and Gin Rummy are card games played with a simple set of regular playing cards.

Strategy games – There are classic strategy games such as chess and checkers, in which players plan their moves in order to try and take the other player’s pieces. Checkers is a good game for elementary school kids, and it can be a very elementary introduction to chess as well. Chess is a good game to teach kids to play, because it can teach them to plan and think ahead as well as to anticipate the actions of another person. This game is pretty complicated, however, and even some adults have problems playing it well.

Quiz games – Trivial Pursuit is one of the most popular quiz or trivia games. There are also movie and TV versions, as well as versions designed for kids.

Race games – Backgammon is a good example of a race game. Basically, the object is to move all your game pieces from one side of the board to the other, one turn at a time, but still do it faster than the other player.

Roll and move games – These are some of the most popular board games available. Candy Land and Shutes and Ladders are two classic games designed for children. Monopoly is another game in this category, and it can be played by the whole family. Beware, though: A game of Monopoly can last for hours.

War games – Stratego is a miniature, board game version of capture the flag. Each player has 40 pieces that represent different officers and soldiers, and the object is to use strategy to defeat the other player’s army. Risk is also considered a war game, as is Battleship.

Educational games – Scrabble is one of the many educational board games available. This game is good for spelling and vocabulary, and it also sometimes requires the use of a dictionary, an item all kids need to know how to use.

Puzzle games – Classic puzzle games like dominoes are fun for kids of all ages and also teach counting skills. Connect Four is a puzzle game for two players, and is basically a vertical version of Tic- Tac- Toe.

When choosing a board game for your kids or for your whole family, the box is a good place to start. Games have information on the boxes that state which age range the game was designed for, and also how many players can play at one time. This is very useful information, because you don’t want to accidentally buy a board game in which only two players can play at a time if you have three children. It is a good idea to keep a variety of board games in your home, as they are endless hours of fun and a very handy thing to have in your home on rainy days.

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